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Mid-autumn Treasures at Li Bai

Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant’s highly anticipated selection of mooncakes that are exquisitely handcrafted by award-winning Chef Chung Yiu Ming and his culinary team. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 12.25.55 AM

I tried the Snow-Skin Mini White Lotus Seed Paste with Yuzu Truffle Mooncake and Snow-Skin White Lotus Seed Paste with Champagne Truffle Mooncake. Frankly speaking, I would prefer the latter even though the former is a new product this year. Well, some things don’t change, especially familiar tastes.

MC3.jpgScreen Shot 2015-12-24 at 12.39.04 AM.png

Snow-Skin Mini White Lotus Seed Paste with Yuzu Truffle Mooncake is a little sour for my liking. Though some may think it will balance out the sweetness from the lotus seed paste, but I thought the combination didn’t carry it off too well, as compared to Champagne Truffle.

But still, I love their fluffy snow-skin, and the finest ingredients that they used. The boxes that are introduced this year are also elegant and I thought it is an awesome gift for corporate partners or even neighbours this Mid-autumn!