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AIBI X MTG AbsFit无法练出精装腹肌 但可减轻身体痛楚!Absfit helps to relieve your body pain!

林国豪 报道

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很遗憾地说,单用AIBI X MTG新上市的 SixPad Absfit ($299),是无法练出精装的六块腹肌!话虽如此,它还是有一些好处的,尤其如果颈肩或是背部经常疼痛紧绷的话,它或许能帮你减轻一些痛楚。






Have been using AIBI X MTG’s SixPad Absfit every single day for about three months. As instructed by the promoter, I used it twice daily (day and night).

Though my visceral fats ratio remained constant at a high “3”, I do feel that my skin is slightly tighter and that my cores are a little stronger.

I was seeing a physiotherapist for slight muscle imbalance, I used to not be able to stand properly, and my stomach will be protruding. After using SixPad Absfit, I thought I have better control over my core, though not very significant, but I feel I’m making little improvements.

Oh, as for the “myth” that you can achieve six packs while watching TV, you might not be able to get six packs just by using SixPad Absfit alone. I tried to incorporate some gym sessions in between, and did some abs exercises, but the abs don’t really seem to show.

But I do recommend SixPad Absfit as a tool for rehabilitation, or even to ease some your body discomforts. I used SixPad Absfit on my back and the aching seems to subside after a while. I also tried Bodyfit to ease the nagging pain on my shoulders, it works.

SGD$299 seems like a reasonable deal, as most rehabilitation sessions would have costed more. But I would strongly recommend you to seek for professional advice from your rehab specialists before use.

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Maintenance fees for your AbsFit is high though, you need to change those conducting pads after every 30 uses of the gadget (it tends to peel off quickly), which will cost you $48 each time. Batteries run out fast if you are using on a daily basis too.