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Saybons French Food Factory: Taste it fresh, even at home!

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Grab a hamper from Saybons French Food Factory! I have to say, I really love those condiments and easy-to-serve soups!

Those beautiful jars contain salted caramel, tomato butter and Garlic Herb butter. My favourite combination would be garlic herb butter with toast, finished with a spoonful of salted caramel. You can easily “rip off” $10 from your friends by saying they are from some cafes! Thought Tomato Butter was a little bland, especially for a person like me, who prefers their food to be more flavourful.

If you are a meat lover, you can try buying their bacon jam as well. Its lightly salted and it tasted a little like bakkwa when heated.

I thought of doing a little experiment with my fave condiment, the Garlic Herb Butter, by frying some sunny side up eggs with it, but it didn’t work out as expected. The garlic herb butter dried up quickly, and my eggs were burnt. Oh wells.

As for the soups, Wild Mushroom is my all-time favourite. I would usually have a bowl during rainy days.

To compare the freshness of the ingredients, I even went down to Plaza Singapura to try their Seafood Bisque soup. They tasted exactly the same, be it at home or at the store.

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The hamper comes with a really nice simple design box, which I used it to keep my cables/wires now. I thought the Saybons Hamper makes it a wonderful gift for Christmas, but the only down side is those condiments and soups need to be refrigerated, which makes it less convenient if you were to carry it around.