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日式饭团登陆狮城!Delicious 7-Eleven Jap Rice balls now in SG!

I visit Taiwan at least thrice a year and one of the must-do is definitely to savour the delicious Jap Rice balls there! Its like a dream come true when i heard 7-Eleven Singapore is importing them to Singapore! No more cup noodles and heaty biscuits during night shifts! 

Comes in different flavours: Seaweed Onigiri, Tuna Mayo Onigiri and Salmon Onigiri. Though im looking forward to more flavours like Lobster, Pork Floss and Kim Chi Onigiris!

Tried all three flavours and thought the ingredients werent as moist as those I get in Taiwan. Also could be the fridge that they used to store these onigiris, the riceballs turned out a little ‘spoilt’ and have the ‘fishy’ kind of smell. There was also no guide as to how long must the riceballs be heated for, or whether they can be eaten chilled.