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Ip Man 3: “There’s more to power and fame” 《叶问3》:重要的是身旁的人

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I was never a fan of Kungfu, neither have I heard of Donnie Yen before the launch of Ip Man. But I was captivated by Ip Man 3’s movie storyline and its ideals, which remind us the importance of building strong family ties.

Many scenes evoked some of my very personal feelings of the past, and to think I actually teared a bit in the theatre. One of it would be, when Ip Man decides to give up everything he has, including power and reputation)  to stay by his wife Wing Sing’s side, when he knew that she was diagnosed with cancer.

It was a heartwarming night at Shaw Lido watching Ip Man 3 Singapore Preview.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 6.35.34 PM.png
Six years in the making, IP Man returns this Christmas! Mike Tyson challenges Donnie Yen in an incredible showdown of Wing Chun Kung Fu versus heavyweight boxing that will reach an unprecedented new heights between the East and West martial arts.



尤其喜欢里头的经典台词:“其实最重要的,还是你身旁的人。” 这部片子适合爱争夺名利的都市人去看,尤其在温馨的佳节里,这是一个很好的提醒,也能让我们深思,是否为家人付出足够的心力。


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