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96.3好FM年度广播剧 《最好的我们》: 开台至今首部广播剧 带领听众回味当时的美好 96.3 Hao FM’s Radio Drama : Inaugural Radio Drama Since the Station’s Inception, Bringing Listeners on a Walk Down Memory Lane

Screenshot 2019-10-22 at 3.14.21 PM.png你是否还记得年轻时,急着要快点长大,恨不得赶快要脱离少年时期的我们?那是我们一生中最好的时光,也是处于“最好状态”的我们。对爱情、友情、亲情都是那么奋不顾身,毫无保留地去爱,去体会。








When you were young, do you remember eagerly wanting to grow up? Those times were the best days of our lives, when we were in our best shape. For love, friendship, kinship, we went all out to experience life without any reservations.

Leading up to 96.3 Hao FM’s upcoming 2nd birthday on 8 January 2020, the station is excited to present listeners its best side through Radio Drama series <The Best of Us>. Acclaimed Director Boris Boo was invited to write the scripts for the Radio Drama series, and the station hopes to showcase DJs’ interpretation of the script through honest performances.

<The Best of Us> is the first Radio Drama since the station’s establishment. Without any fancy special effects and exaggerated storyline, it hopes to feature life as it is.

96.3 Hao FM’s Senior Program Director Carine Ang says: “The initial concept was to write a letter to our 16 year old selves. Looking back at my past, there have been many beautiful moments worth capturing. After much discussion with Boris Boo, we developed five different storylines. It feels like with each story it gets more and more interesting. We are really thankful to Royal Caribbean International for supporting our proposal. I hope the listeners will enjoy it.”

There is a total of 20 episodes in this series, centered on five key stories. Through the DJs’ interpretation, the stories probe into the emotions of love, loss, sorrow, and hope, to summon your hopes for the future, and to act as a reminder to love without reservations.

Scriptwriter Boris Boo says: “I took on this job as a scriptwriter for the Radio Drama as I found it interesting. In comparison to visual mediums, radio has a bigger space for story development because it doesn’t require physical settings, but relies only on voices and sound effects. Any scenario can be conceived without creative constraints. The possibilities are limitless!”

<The Best of Us> will start airing from 14 October onwards on 96.3 Hao FM. The Radio drama will be aired once on every time belt at 9.40am, 12.40pm, 4.40pm and 8.40pm. To find out more about <The Best of Us>, please visit or stay tuned on air.