Opinion: Do not rush to go back to the office

It is to me, axe to grind, for most employers who appealed for their workers to be back at their workplace as soon as possible. Given that there is a major problem among workers and employers – lacking mutual trust.

Employers feel that they are at the helm of their employees if they can oversee their work progress face-to-face, however, I feel that most of the employers are speaking off the cuff, and had not considered in details on what mitigating measures to take should there be an outbreak of cases or clusters forming in their respective locations.

The global figures of COVID-19 have not shown any single sign of paring down. It is nearly the big figure of 20 million cases worldwide, with more than 700,000 people died from this pandemic. It is the safest bet to let employees continue to stay at home to work and we await more feasible plans afoot.

The situation is abysmal, and to adduce America as an example, they have recently hit the 5 million mark, and that their competence of work at their respective workplace is not comparable to those at home. It would be a slap in the face if our figures shoot up again, and should there be another wave of outbreak, all businesses in Singapore will suffer a greater setback.

We are etiolated than usual, and can’t afford the society as a whole to encumber. As an employee of an MNC, I have seen more measures put in place to track employees’ work performance and time spent at work. To us, it is farcical and lacking mutual trust. Many netizens have slammed these businesses over their redundant grouse.

Employers should stop being so antsy about getting employees back to work solely of trust issues but think further, that if employees can work safely at home, productivity is still the key. Employees, too have their threshold. Should they feel that they are no longer being respected, they might just be unperturbed about their progressions and tender their resignation. Mutual trust is essential especially in times of such trying times.

Thus, I would strongly urge the employers to stop pushing the authority for an answer as to when can they pull back all their employees back at their workplace, instead they should place their employee’s wellbeing and health at the top priority.

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