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Those with mental issues need more support and protection


More support should be given to those who have mental issues.

Anecdotally, I know that there are more than a handful of people out there who delay seeking treatment for their mental condition because they fear being labelled at their workplace, or are afraid it might affect their chances of securing a job.

It is why some choose to seek help from medical experts in the private sector as they believe that there is less of a chance of it being found out that they were undergoing treatment.

In the United States, psychiatric problems are looked upon and treated almost like the common flu, and there is little stigma.

Clearly, there is a lack of public awareness in Singapore.

There are some obvious ways to help those with mental issues.

One is for employers to keep an open mind about hiring these people. Some employers lump everyone with a mental condition as being a possible self-harm or potential suicide case, and reject their job applications for this reason. This kind of discriminatory behaviour must stop.

There should be more laws to protect those who have mental issues. There should also be more avenues for those with mental issues to seek help, for instance, by having psychiatric clinics in the neighbourhood.

Also, public and private health records should never be shared and those undergoing treatment must be given that assurance.

I urge employers to stop asking employees to make declarations on mental issues as it will only cause more distress to those affected.

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