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A different NDP amid COVID-19 pandemic

Lim Guohao

We celebrated National Day on Sunday. The National Day Parade this year is especially different and not pristine compared to the previous shows. However, it has effectually turned into a more packed show with brevity. It is an all-inclusive show for all races in Singapore.
Though the morning show was introduced to be compounded for the regular evening column display, it has proven that such ways are still well-oiled and able to lift the spirits of our people. I thought for future NDP shows, there should also be a morning parade to be conducted.
For the evening show, the organizers could make up with more elements to fill up the three-hour show. For instance, there could be more interactions with the audience through trivia quizzes in future, when COVID-19 has been defeated. Songs can be sung with a longer duration, instead of mashing them into a mesh-up. The committee could also set up a segment to commend those who have made tremendous contributions to Singapore over the past year.
For heartland celebrations, I feel that more airtime could be dedicated to them as well. For past celebrations, it was a short and brief live-cross, but instead, some performances could have been broadcasted live and be synchronized with the main show at Padang or the Marina Floating Platform/NS Square, in future.
Compilations of Singaporeans singing to a song was a wise-crack. I thought this can be a permanent part of the show as it reflects the unity amongst people. At the same time, it is far-reaching and meaningful for all watching at home or the site.
I would like to commend and laud the committee of NDP 2020 as they must have ruminated over and over again to modify the show format to suit the restrictions of social distancing, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
As for recommendations in future, I would also like to appeal the committee of NDP 2021 to seriously consider Stefanie Sun to be the next NDP singer as she has proven to garner much rapport from the public and that we miss her since her last appearance at NDP as the theme song singer in 2003.
As for the song genre, I thought we could go back to 2000 to 2006 where such theme songs are more catchy and upbeat, rather than those in the past few years, especially this year, which adopts a slightly indie approach that might not be able to capture everyone’s hearts. My best all-time favourites are Shine on Me (2000), Where I Belong (2001), We Will Get There (2002), One United People (2003), Reach Out For The Skies (2005), My Island Home (2006) and Our Singapore (2015).