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(图 / Bluetotem 提供)


不管是叛逆的斯图尔特 (Stuart) 还是超机灵的戴夫 (Dave),收到这份可爱惊喜的人,肯定会把你的礼物摆在家中最显眼的位置,向众人炫耀!



Up the cute factor with the adorable Minion Meixin Mooncakes in everyone’s favourite characters – Dave and Stuart.

The mooncakes come in two refreshing flavours, Purple Sweet Potato and Lace Lotus Seed Paste, in yellow cylindrical cases.

The cases transform into tumblers with light-up goggles sure to delight the little ones!

From now to 31 Aug 2021, Minion Meixin Mooncakes are available for sale at 189 selected 7-Eleven stores!

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