了解国豪 About Guohao

 “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Guohao strives to give in his best in everything he does. He started as a freelance writer at a young age of 14 and has served as a radio deejay, music director, journalist and a columnist on various media platforms. He has also worked for a ministry as an assistant manager for communication-related tasks in 2020, before taking his current new appointment as a TV Current Affairs Producer at MediaCorp.

Assistant Music Director for 96.3HaoFM.

Guohao used to work at 96.3HAOFM, a Chinese radio station under SPH Radio as the station’s assistant music director from the year 2019 – 2020. He was responsible for music and advertisements scheduling, ad-hoc show production and editing, as well as producing trailers and content support for the different time-belts.

The first two mega projects were the 10-week campaign “96.3HaoFM Good Chart” and 20-episode radio drama “The Best of Us”. He was also responsible for the conceptualization of ideas to promote and disseminate relevant information to the various media platforms, such as the writing of press releases for maximum coverage and exposure for the mentioned events.


A radio deejay and voiceover talent.

Guohao’s diverse media experience contributed to his strong conceptualisation and interpersonal skills. During his 9-year stint at UFM100.3 from the year 2011 to 2020 as a part-time Deejay cum producer, Guohao was often placed to interacting with people. He was also constantly challenged to innovating new ideas for his radio programme.

Guohao’s warm, reassuring and friendly voice was also frequently used for various purposes. You can hear them over the radio, TV, outdoor media and on other media platforms.

A freelance journalist/columnist/student correspondent.

Having sanguine passion towards Chinese Media, Guohao first served as a student correspondent for Lianhe Zaobao in the year 2007. He then joined MediaCorp Interactive Media division in the year 2009 as a content producer where he is responsible to produce news content and evaluate unsolicited manuscripts for publication. Concurrently, he provides content for various media platforms in Singapore, which includes Lianhe Zaobao, omy.sg, xin.sg, xinmsn.com and Capital95.8FM.

Guohao’s passion in journalism propels him to win numerous awards at the Lianhe Zaobao’s Student Correspondent Awards. He has clinched the “Best Featured News Article”, “Best Performance Award” and “Best Campus Story” award in 2007, 2012, 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Content Analyst, Apple Inc.

Guohao was also gifted in areas of new technology. Certified within a month to be a full-time content analyst with Apple Inc, Guohao was involved in the grading of Siri’s usefulness and accuracy to users by listening and translating audio files by levels, thus bringing enhancements to customers’ overall app experience. He also utilised prior business knowledge and analytical skills to evaluate Siri and other apps’ responses against guidelines.

A lifestyle podcaster.

Ever since Guohao left the media industry in 2020 to join the tech giant, many of his followers are asking whether he will be doing podcasts to continue sharing his views on his daily life, especially on products, movies, music and travel. Thus in March 2020, Guohao has set up a podcast channel on Soundcloud to continue interacting with his active followers whom they had been supporting him for the past few years. The 15-episode podcast series has since garnered more than 5,000 unique listeners combined.

An active learner and self-starter.

Guohao used to attend lectures at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Nanyang Technological University. Being a scholar, Guohao was conferred the Ngee Ann Polytechnic-MDA Gold Medalist in 2013, with a graduating GPA of 3.96— straight A’s in his regular classes. He was also awarded the highest distinction bachelor degree, with a high CGPA of 4.57 in January 2020.

During his free time, Guohao writes short novels for the print. He has compiled his works and released his first book in 2018 named “Those Songs That Grew Up With Us”. Out of the 11 stories, two were dedicated to his close friends who had passed away due to illnesses.

Guohao also enjoys researching and doing data analysis. He was the founder/writer of Singapore Media Ratings – SMR (2007), an independent website which gave readers a look at local TV programmes and movies. SMR was featured in various mediums, such as Lianhe Zaobao, omy.sg and UFM100.3 in 2007.

Chinese Bio 中文简介

新加坡出生,以”金牌毕业生 (MDA Gold Medal)” 毕业于义安理工学院华文传媒系,并以一等荣誉学士学位,毕业于南洋理工大学修读中文系。国豪也是南洋理工大学的奖学金得主。2020年,他曾在一家科技公司担任数据分析员,随后成为一名公务员。目前,他是新传媒时事节目组的一份子。

14岁开始接触媒体,拥有至少超过10年的媒体经验。他曾服务多个媒体单位,包括电台UFM100.3(担任电台主持人)、电台96.3好FM(任职副音乐总监),以及为联合早报、早报逗号、omy.sg、新动网 xin.sg、xinmsn.com、Capital95.8城市频道撰写新闻等。



12 thoughts on “了解国豪 About Guohao

  1. Hello Guohao,
    This is Jeff, your listener from UFM100.3.
    Nice to read about your biography.

    Stay connected.

    Best regards,


  2. Have heard you over the radio for the past few weeks. Do you host events too? Keen to invite you to host for my company’s function events!


  3. I see you are no longer in the ufm website page, only came to realized you have quitted from radio. what a pity.


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