96.3 Hao FM Good Chart – Television Theme Songs Take Majority of Top 10 Spots Lee Wei Song Not Surprised! 96.3好FM “好歌发烧榜”: 电视剧主题曲插曲占“本地流行”多个席位 李伟菘不感意外!


96.3 Hao FM Good Chart enters its third week of voting, and the station has received approximately 300,000 entries for nominations and votes combined, reflecting the local audience’s enthusiasm towards the chart show!

Listener Cheek Loo left a message on 96.3 Hao FM’s Facebook saying: “96.3 Hao FM has “dug up” the forgotten songs that I used to love. For those who grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, this is a station to tune in to!” Many listeners have expressed through various channels that they follow the chart results every Friday, hoping that the songs they voted for can enter the Top 10 list.

This week’s theme is “Local Hits”, with music veteran Lee Wei Song as the guest announcer alongside 96.3 Hao FM DJ Wen Guo Xian. Singaporean singer Mavis Hee, best known for her ballads, achieved stellar results on the charts. Out of the four songs that were nominated for the Top 30 list, three emerged in the Top 10.

Mavis Hee Takes Three out of Ten Spots on 96.3 Hao FM Good Chart

Local singer Mavis Hee rose to fame in the 90s, and she sets a new record with three of her songs being voted into 96.3 Hao FM’s Good Chart Top 10, under the “Local Hits” category. The three songs are namely “Yang Guang Zong Zai Feng Yu Hou” (阳光总在风雨后) in eighth position, “Yi Han” (遗憾) which came in sixth, and “Cheng Li De Yue Guang” (城里的月光) which took the top spot.

The songs Hee sang resonate deeply within the hearts of listeners. The top song “Cheng Li De Yue Guang” (城里的月光) performed significantly better, setting a 20 per cent difference compared to the runner up song “Jia” (家) sung by Kit Chan. Conceivably, the low key and sentimental Hee is a powerhouse that moves the hearts of many.

While announcing the charts, Lee Wei Song mentioned that the song which left the deepest impression was “Yi Han” (遗憾). Lee explained that he likes “Yi Han” (遗憾) with more than just reminisce in mind. He believes that “Yi Han” (遗憾) remains a true classic which is sincere and heart-warming, all without trying too hard.

With ever growing competition within the music industry today, Lee added that it is extremely complex for singers to put out new music. Most choose to release singles as a way to “test the market”, making every new song more attention-grabbing than ever. Comparatively, Lee feels that “Yi Han” (遗憾), although seemingly calm, carries deep meaning which makes it extremely intriguing.

Top 10 Songs Mostly from Local Television Shows Widely Loved By Listeners

This week’s Top 10 chart saw many local television theme songs and interludes. Among them, the top song “Cheng Li De Yue Guang” (城里的月光) is the theme song for the 1996 television show “Dou Fu Jie” (豆腐街). “Wo De Sheng Ming Zai Zhe Li” (我的生命在这里) is the theme song for 80s television show “Wu Jiao Ji” (五脚基), Eric Moo’s “Yi Wang Guo Qu” (遗忘过去) is one of the soundtracks for “Ka Fei Wu” (咖啡) and Chen Hanwei’s “Guan Huai Fang Shi” (关怀方式) is the theme song for “Qi Yue Qiao Jia Ren” (七月俏佳人). Clearly, the local audience have been influenced by television and enjoy listening to the hits associated with them.

This comes as no surprise, with listeners selecting such popular tunes regularly on 96.3 Hao FM’s song request segment, which runs daily from 6pm to 7pm and 10pm to 11pm. These catchy tunes evoke a sense of familiarity and paints a profound image of well adored local television shows.

In 1984, Lee Wei Song, together with his brother Lee Si Song, started composing originals for television shows. When asked about the phenomena of television theme songs taking majority of the Top 10 Spots, Lee Wei Song did not find it a surprise. In fact, seeing the list brought back countless memories of songs that were created for local dramas at that time.

“Every song speaks its own story,” Lee said during an interview with 96.3 Hao FM. “Majority of listeners are in their forties or fifties, I’m sure these songs accompanied them through courtship and hardships, making them unforgettable,” Lee added.

Lee Wei Song Encourages Local Musicians

Never Give up on Your Dreams

Helming the third week of 96.3 Hao FM Good Chart, Lee Wei Song took the opportunity to encourage local musicians, spurring them to persevere as they pursue their dreams.

He hopes for the younger generation to walk out of safe zones and take a leap of faith to embrace new opportunities. Lee added that aspiring musicians should always be on the lookout for new music and strive for improvement unceasingly. Most importantly, budding musicians have to understand the value of time, and let the experience of life shape the creation process of new works.

Lee Wei Song on the Future of Local Music

“Let me predict,” Lee Wei Song replied comically when asked about the future of local music, mimicking the actions of fortune-telling. Lee added that the rising competition makes it difficult to tell. “Afterall, I believe music stems from fun, and originates from play. We shall see how far the new generation is willing to go, the barriers they are willing to break”.

Tune in to 96.3 Hao FM this Sunday at 12 noon to catch this week’s Good Chart show, co-hosted by music veteran Lee Wei Song. Additionally, listeners will be treated to videos related to the 96.3 Hao FM Good Chart, which will be posted on the station’s official Facebook page.

96.3 Hao FM Good Chart Roadshow at The Clementi Mall

On-site Polling Stations Available for Listeners to Vote

In efforts to show appreciation for the support given by listeners, the 96.3 Hao FM team will be at The Clementi Mall for a roadshow this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 12 noon to 8pm. Polling stations will be made available on-site, and listeners will stand a chance to win hotel stays and attractive food and beverage vouchers upon voting.

Visit 963haofm.sg for more details regarding the 96.3 Hao FM Good Chart.


听众Cheek Loo在96.3好FM面簿留言:“96.3好FM把我已经忘记、曾经爱过的歌都挖出来了。对我们这些生长在70、80和90年代的人来说,这是必听的电台!”

Agnes Wong 则说:“入榜的十首歌曲,都是我的最爱!” 不少听众也通过面簿和Whatsapp向96.3好FM团队反应,他们每个星期五都会追听榜单,希望自己投选的歌曲可以入围10强名单中!

这个星期的主题是“本地流行”,报榜嘉宾是本地才子李伟菘,连同96.3好FM DJ温国贤。擅长唱抒情歌曲的本地女歌手许美静在30强的4首歌曲中,有三首入榜,并且成功夺冠,表现非常亮眼。


走红于90年代的本地女歌手许美静,在今年的《好歌发烧榜》再刷新纪录,继上个星期刘文正连夺“台湾民谣”冠亚军的宝座,本周“本地流行”的10强榜单,许美静这次摘下3个席位,分别是“阳光总在风雨后” (排名第八)、“遗憾”(排名第六) 和 “城里的月光”(排名第一)。




本地电视剧主题曲和插曲  深受听众喜爱

这个星期的榜单中,出现了好多首电视剧的主题曲和插曲。当中,榜首歌曲 “城里的月光” 是1996年《豆腐街》的主题曲,在KTV里更是必点K歌!《我的生活在这里》是80年代电视剧《五脚基》的主题曲,“遗忘过去”是电视剧《咖啡乌》的插曲、陈汉玮《关怀方式》也是《七月俏佳人》的主题曲,可见本地听众所喜爱的本地流行歌曲,很大程度受到了电视剧的影响。




李伟菘鼓励本地音乐人 不要放弃音乐梦想




李伟菘:年轻人要大胆尝试 玩出新风格



想回顾李伟菘和96.3好FM联合主持的第三期《好歌发烧榜》节目,可在星期天中午12点,通过96.3好FM空中,或下载SPH Radio App收听重温节目。听众也通过96.3好FM官方面簿收看《好歌发烧榜》的相关视频。

96.3好FM DJ亮相 The Clementi Mall  现场设投票站供听众投选

为答谢听众们一路的支持,96.3好FM的团队本周末(星期六和日)中午12点到晚上8点,将现身The Clementi Mall和听众见面。现场也会设置投票站让公众在现场为下星期的“热门八十”歌曲投选。所欲参与投选的公众,还有机会赢取超过8千元的酒店住宿和餐饮礼券。下周的报榜嘉宾是本地音乐人黄宏墨。


96.3好FM《好歌发烧榜》 “本地流行” 10强名单

1) 城里的月光 / 许美静
2)家 / 陈洁仪
3)堆积情感 / 姜鄠
4)牵引 / 邓妙华
5)心痛 / 陈洁仪
6)遗憾 / 许美静
7)我的生活在这里 / 吴佳明
8)阳光总在风雨后 / 许美静
9)遗忘过去 / 巫启贤
10)关怀方式 / 陈汉玮


96.3好FM”好歌发烧榜” 第一期“情歌对唱” 榜单出炉!96.3 Hao FM Good Chart First Week’s Chart Results Out Now!

爱要凄美 痛入心扉







小寒当报榜嘉宾:“有点小紧张”  值班榜主丽仪: “默契好!”









9月8号约听众 边投票边唱K

配合96.3好FM《好歌发烧榜》,来临星期天傍晚6时至晚上8时,96.3好FM将在丰城 Gain City Megastore @ Sungei Kadut举行造势活动。当天,96.3好FM的DJ菁云和国贤会在现场和听众一同在户外唱卡拉OK!听众还有机会可以上台和96.3好FM的DJ一起大展歌喉,并享受优惠的晚餐。

施孝荣接棒 下周揭晓“民谣10强”





Love is Beautiful, and Heartbreaking

96.3 Hao FM Good Chart’s First Chart results are out! Dave Wang’s Ni Shi Wo Xiong Kou Yong Yuan De Tong (你是我胸口永远的痛) clinched the top spot on the charts, making it the number one song in the “Love Duets” category. The results reveal the song’s charm and more so the passion and enthusiasm of Wang’s fans.

Li Mao Shan and Anna Lin’s Song Secures a Spot in the Top 10 along with Xinyao Duet

Eric Moo and Huang Huizhen’s Xinyao duet Xie Hou (邂逅) has been a hot favourite since its release in 1983, and has surpassed many love classics on this chart including iconic song Wu Yan De Jie Ju (无言的结局) performed by Li Mao Shan and Anna Lin. Evidently, after over three decades, these two songs still reside firmly in the hearts of many.

Jackie Chan’s Enters the Chart Twice

Veteran Jackie Chan’s songs Ming Ming Bai Bai Wo De Xin (明明白白我的心), a duet with Sarah Chen and Zai Wo Sheng Ming (在我生命中的每一天) with Tarcy Su obtained two places on the charts. While Chan’s movie career was booming, he joined Rock Records in the 90s, and released an album Di Yi Ci (第一次). The album was personally produced by Jonathan Lee who composed most of the songs including the two in the Top 10.  These two hits were popular wedding songs and remain a “must sing” at Karaoke sessions till today.

Lyricist Xiaohan Co-hosts with 96.3 Hao DJ Li Yi

From today onwards, for eight weeks, 96.3 Hao FM DJs will be accompanied by a mystery guest to reveal the Top 10 chart results for the week. The first theme is “Love Duets” and the special guest is local lyricist Xiaohan!

Listeners are in for a treat with the refreshing new host pairings, but is this format a challenge for the DJs? 96.3 Hao DJ Li Yi says: “Even though this is our first time hosting together, our chemistry was unexpectedly great! It wasn’t challenging at all, our station has gained something from this fresh combination.”

Xiaohan, who admits that she was a bit nervous while on air, said: “Usually I write as a medium of self-expression, so I don’t usually talk too much. Thankfully the chemistry with Li Yi was good, and it helped me to finish the show smoothly without any hiccups ”

Xiaohan added: “I am usually a guest on shows, to co-host this chart show means a lot to me, and it brings back many memories of the 80s and 90s.”

Chart Results Bring Back Happy College Romance Recollections

Xiaohan Said: “When I was young, I listened to many love duets, and then, I was already amazed by how lyricists are able to tell so many stories with a single sentence.” Xiaohan added: “I was in Junior College and University in the 90s, listening to the duets gave me an understanding about love, it made me look forward to being in a relationship.”

96.3 Hao FM’s Good Chart results show starts from 6 September onwards, and airs every Friday at 6pm for 8 weeks. The programme will be replayed on Sundays at 12 noon.

96.3 Hao FM invites you  to a Karaoke Session on 8 September

In conjunction with 96.3 Hao FM Good Chart, DJs Jingyun and Guoxian will be at Gain City Megastore @ Sungei Kadut to sing karaoke with listeners! It will take place on 8 September, from 6-8pm, and listeners can belt out familiar tunes, vote for their favourite Good Chart songs, as well as enjoy dinner at a special price!

Shi Xiao Rong Next Week’s Guest, To Announce “Taiwanese Folk Songs” Category

Shi Xiao Rong, who will be in town next week for the “My Songs 7” concert, will co-host the results show with DJ Anna. Shi told Zaobao previously: “I’m not afraid of the demise of Taiwanese Folk Songs, because there is value in folk music.” Listeners can look forward to Shi sharing about his journey with Taiwanese Folk Songs during the programme.

Currently, Shi’s songs Bai Fang Chun Tian (拜访春天) and Gui Ren Sha Cheng (归人沙城) have been nominated to the Top 30 in the “Taiwanese Folk Songs” category. To vote for his songs, simply visit https://www.963haofm.sg/good-chart!

第一期《情歌对唱》10强榜单 Week 1 Results



王杰 x 叶欢



成龙 x 陈淑桦



张惠妹 x 张雨生



林子祥 x 叶倩文



巫启贤 x 黄譓祯



成龙 x 苏慧伦



张信哲 x 刘嘉玲



张学友 x 高慧君



林淑容 x 李茂山



伍思凯 x 马玉芬

96.3 Hao FM Good Chart Weekly Thematic Chart, Vote for Your Favourite Hits Now!  96.3好FM”好歌发烧榜” 第一阶段投选结束 进阶每周主题精彩投票!

Screenshot 2019-09-08 at 12.47.19 PM.png



96.3好FM “好歌发烧榜”在8月18日到8月30日,展开第一轮投选。歌迷投票热情浓烈,两周内突破22万张的“好歌支持票”!在第一阶段每主题票选最高的30首歌将再次较劲,争夺“10大发烧曲”荣衔。

梁文福、陈淑桦、巫启贤、王杰和张清芳 入围歌曲最多

已离开歌坛多年的陈淑桦,歌曲显然还在歌迷心中,占有非常重要的位置。在第一阶段的投选,她在“热门八十”、“辉煌九十”、“情歌对唱”和 “台湾民谣” 四个组别中,有 17 首歌曲入围!从新谣到流行,巫启贤的歌曲则跨越多个主题,成为“入围最多主题的歌手”,究竟还会多少歌曲入围第二阶段的投选让人期待!





本地两大阿姐交锋 阿一“败下阵来”


今年的《好歌发烧榜》一共分为八个主题,他们是:情歌对唱、台湾民谣、本地流行、热门八十、隽永经典、 完美组合、清纯新谣和辉煌九零。










Relive the Chart Show Fever with the greatest hits from the 80s and 90s! 

96.3 FM’s Good Chart revives the chart show voting craze, by featuring the best hits from the 80s and 90s. A total of 1848 songs were nominated by 7605 listeners during the nomination stage! The first voting phase took place from 18-30 August and garnered an overwhelming response of 220,000 votes! Here on, the top 30 songs from each category that emerged from the first round of voting will face another round of voting, and the top 10 songs will be crowned.

Most Songs Nominated: Liang Wern Fook, Sarah Chen, Eric Moo, Dave Wong and Stella Chang

Although Sarah Chen has left the music scene for years, the chart results show that her songs continue to resonate in the hearts of fans. In the first stage, 17 of her songs were nominated in four categories, namely “Hot 80s”, “Glorious 90s”, “Love Duets”, and “Taiwan Folk Songs”. Eric Moo’s songs have spanned across multiple categories, making him the singer with the most songs nominated among themes. How many of his songs will make it to the next stage?

Talented local singer-songwriter Liang Wern Fook performed very well in the “Xinyao Songs” category. Although all of Liang’s songs were only shortlisted under that one category, 25 out of the 100 nominated songs in the preliminary voting round are his works, making him the artiste with the most nominated songs. These works include the popular hits Xi Shui Chang Liu (细水长流) and Ma Que Xian Zhu Zhi (麻雀衔竹枝) which received a lot of support from listeners.

Icons of 80s and 90s Chinese music, Dave Wong and Stella Chang, also have many great works that received large numbers of nominations. Others with good results in the chart include Tsai Chin, and Jonathan Lee, who will hold his concert in Singapore soon.

The Eternal Prince Charming Liu Wen-cheng, Overwhelming Fan Support 

Prince charming Liu Wen-cheng remains as popular as ever, with an average number 4000 votes for each of his nominated songs. Evidently, in the two weeks of voting, his fans continue to show their support daily.

Local “Ah Jies” Battle it Out, Fann Wong Surpasses Zoe Tay 

Local “Ah Jies” Zoe Tay and Fann Wong each had a shortlisted song in the “Love Duets” category. It’s a pity that Tay’s duet with Jonathan Lee, Dang Ai Ca Sheng Er Guo (当爱擦身而过) and Wong’s duet with Jeff Chang Bie Rang Qing Liang Nan (别让情两难) eventually did not make it to the Top 30. However, Wong’s other songs made it to the Top 30 in the “Local Hits” category.

The Good Chart is categorised into eight themes, namely: “Love Duets”, “Taiwanese Folk Music”, “Local Hits”, “Hot 80s”, “All-Time Classics”, “Best Bands”, “Xinyao Songs”, “Glorious 90s”.

From now on, fans can start voting every Saturday from 12am to decide the top 10 songs from each theme. Voting ends at 12 noon every Thursday. The first Theme is “Love Duets”.

Lyricist Xiaohan to Co-host with 96.3 Hao FM DJ Li Yi

The highlight of the Good Chart is that special guests will host each week’s chart show and reveal the top 10 hits from the week’s theme together with the Hao FM DJs. Expect an interesting guest lineup, with local lyricist Xiaohan as the first co-host for this weekly chart.

On 6 September, at 6pm, the first charts results for category “Love Duets” will be announced together by 96.3 Hao FM DJ Li Yi and local lyricist Xiaohan!

Li Yi said: “I have interviewed Xiaohan before, but this will be the first time hosting a show together. I’m very excited to see what kind of chemistry we will have on air!”

96.3 Hao FM’s Good Chart results show starts from 6 September onwards, on every Friday at 6pm for 8 weeks. The programme will be replayed on Sundays at 12 noon.

Listeners can log on to 963haofm.sg daily to vote for their favourite songs and stand to win up to $8000 worth of prizes. The chart themes are updated on a weekly basis.

Join 96.3 Hao FM DJs for the Good Chart’s Karaoke event at Gain City Megastore @ Sungei Kadut on 8 September, from 6-8pm.

For more information on the Good Chart, please visit https://www.963haofm.sg/good-chart.

朋友聚会吃什么? 问Munch就知道

林国豪 报道 受访者提供照片


  新春佳节,不少人都会与朋友聚餐叙旧。新加坡虽不大,但要找 到朋友都方便相聚的“中间点”,还是有难度。林渊(24岁)突发奇 想,利用人工智能技术,推算朋友之间的出行距离,并利用大数据, 推荐符合他们口味和预算的美食去处。

  林渊去年和另四名同龄朋友,罗福兴、黄映中、黄俊杰和陈俊杰 以四万元的起步金,共同研发高科技的美食指南应用程序Munch,通 过分析用户提供的数据,推算最符合他们预算和口味的美食,并确保 每个朋友的通勤时间都平均。

  Munch手机应用首先分析网上资料,包括参照本地网红的热门推 荐,以及各家餐馆的地点、营业时间、价格和菜单,并根据个别用户 提供的数据与资料做分析,最后推算出最方便、最符合用户用餐需求 的餐馆,称得上是省时省力。

  林渊说:“过去10年,国人搜索美食的方式相当一致,他们首先 到互联网输入关键词,再每家餐馆一一筛选,费时费力。有了先进的 数据分析,人们可以轻松找到符合所有朋友要求的理想用餐地点。”

  林渊也透露,他见过不少举棋不定的人,有些朋友甚至会因为无 法达成共识,最后将就到最靠近的地点用餐,错过品尝价廉物美的食 物。“一些人也嫌搜索资料非常麻烦,于是随便提议吃鸡饭等,将就 吃了一餐。”


  和其他美食指南应用不同的是,Munch不靠植入式广告赚钱,林 渊希望与业者合作,提供外卖和预订服务,甚至和业者分享大数据, 更好地服务食客。

  林渊希望Munch不仅能在新加坡运营,也可以扩充业务到其他城 市,目前他与团员们正在分析哪些城市适合重点发展这项计划。

  林渊说,目前下载人数相当可观,虽无法提供确切数字,不过用 户人数稳健增长,他也认为,Munch的市场定位明确,有信心能够被国人接受和广泛使用。



南大毕业生拍片 “打破”规则求变通


林国豪 报道 照片由受访者提供

Screenshot 2018-12-19 at 2.22.20 PM.png

  圣诞节将至,不少国人都想要过个浪漫温馨的白色圣诞。然而, 新加坡四季如夏,根本不可能下雪。

  28岁的李兆伦于是突发奇想,利用电脑修图软件,让新加坡“下 雪”,让国人通过图画一圆白色圣诞梦。

  现为自由工作者的李兆伦是在今年初,接触了射击游戏《生化奇兵》(BioShock)后,有了想把新加坡变成下雪城市的想法。该游戏 能让玩家选择在不同地域作战,李兆伦对当中一个1950年代海底世界 的主题深感兴趣。于是,他便拿着父亲的单眼摄像机穿街走巷,拍摄 新加坡街道和地标,并通过修图技术,将它们打造成海底的情景。

  他到访的景点包括滨海湾金沙购物中心、政府大厦地铁站,以及 邻里购物中心和住家附近等,并将“水”融入照片之中,让这些地方 看似海底世界的一部分。仔细观察,你还能看到海豚、大白鲨、海星 等海底生物在水中活动呢。

  至于白色圣诞的概念,李兆伦说他是在工作休息时,突然萌生的 想法。在滨海湾一带工作的他,有一次从茶水间的落地窗,看着鱼尾 狮不断从口中喷出水,他于是想象,新加坡被冰雪覆盖的画面会是如 何。于是,他到鱼尾狮公园捕捉画面,并利用修图软件,将企鹅、白 雪和冰雹等“放置”在公园里,让人通过照片犹如到访下雪国都。

  李兆伦的“白色圣诞”系列绘图至今有七张,其他作品还包括巨 龙造型的游乐场、邻里组屋区等。

  当被问及为何那么热衷于制作以雪为主题的作品,李兆伦说,他 其实是想要带出新加坡人怕热的心理。

  他说:“新加坡的气候炎热,不少人都会将冷气调到最低温度。 我也经常听到国人喊热,所以希望这些图片能让他们‘解热’,想象 自己身处冰天雪地的情景里。”

  每幅图的制作时间大约五天,但不是每一个捕捉回来的画面都能 使用,李兆伦认为有些时候很靠运气和直觉。

  谈及未来的计划,李兆伦希望能在本地艺术圈里找到一份全职工 作,创作更多作品,为本地艺术领域尽力。

  想看一看李兆伦的作品,可上网:instagram.com/sezersean或 artstation.com/sezersean。



林国豪 报道/摄影



SuperPark Singapore

  号称是本地最大室内活动乐园的SuperPark上个月开业,能玩的 东西多到一天也玩不玩。单是巨型弹床区(Trampoline Platform), 就可以玩上好一阵子。一蹦一跳间,感觉自己一身轻,极其疗愈。这 里也有投篮挑战区,能够让玩家尝试当灌篮高手,并设有不同的难度 级别,较高的篮筐可得200分,较低的则得100分。


  园内也设有棒球和保龄球区,让人直呼:一个票价能玩尽所有运 动项目!

  爱冒险的记者对尝试架空索道(Flying Fox),感到兴奋不已! 这项活动一般只能在户外较为空旷的草地体验,在这里竟然也能玩到 !

  根据记者观察,这里最适合16岁以下的少年儿童,因为大部分游 乐设施,难度都较低,对高个子或是体验过更高难度的游戏的大朋友 来说,这里的活动或许只是小儿科。





  喜欢乘坐云霄飞车的年轻人,应该会喜欢圣淘沙四维探险乐园( 4D Adventureland)新增的“闹鬼金矿探险之旅”(Haunted Mine Ride 4D)。

  记者抢先亲身体验这款探险游戏,惊险刺激程度不逊于一般云霄 飞车。新的“闹鬼金矿探险之旅”融入更多上下来回的穿梭部分,几 乎每三秒就能让参与者感受一次的冲击快感。

  配搭游戏的动画片段也极其逼真,船只“碰撞”树干或跌入大海 时的冲击感真实,加上在重要时刻还会喷射干冰,让人感觉不到它只 是造假的桥段。

  唯一美中不足的地方,是游戏室内的灯光略显明亮,让人很容易 “出戏”。坐在后排的记者,能够看到底下几艘“船只”晃动的过程 ,减少了刺激感。

  每次的游戏可同时容纳45名玩家,等候时间应该不会超过1个小 时。

  加上新增的“闹鬼金矿探险之旅”,目前圣淘沙四维探险乐园共 有四个主题的探索游戏,每段历时五到八分钟不等。想要暂时逃离现 实,探索宝物的朋友,或许可来体验这款新游戏。



四合一探险游戏价格: $46.90(成人),$33.90(孩童)

Climb Central室内攀岩

  攀岩活动早在1970年代便已盛行,然而有冷气的室内攀岩场地, 在本地并不多见。设在嘉龙威购物广场的Climb Central拥有3000平 方尺的空间。

  这里的攀岩专家说,攀岩能锻炼个人的忍耐力,也能训练不同肌 肉群的韧性和耐力,是个很适合锻炼身体的运动。由于攀岩时须要全 神贯注,并且思考下一步该怎么爬,很多时候,压力大的都市人,会 发现在过程中,能够暂时转移注意力,不去想烦人的事。

  由于参加攀岩活动的人近几年来不断增加,Climb Central几个 月前在诺维娜开设新分店。

  小朋友也别担心,这里有矮墙让他们试水温,只要满5岁,身高 至少110公分,体重至少20公斤就能攀岩。

  最让记者开心的是,在这里,你不须要携带任何物品便可入场, 因为所需的头盔、手套等都能租借,唯一须自备的,是一双干净的袜 子。

  活动中心的攀岩教练会给初次体验者,提供15分钟的讲解课程, 简单易懂,不必担心手忙脚乱,不知如何开始。