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96.3 Hao FM Good Chart – Television Theme Songs Take Majority of Top 10 Spots Lee Wei Song Not Surprised! 96.3好FM “好歌发烧榜”: 电视剧主题曲插曲占“本地流行”多个席位 李伟菘不感意外!


96.3 Hao FM Good Chart enters its third week of voting, and the station has received approximately 300,000 entries for nominations and votes combined, reflecting the local audience’s enthusiasm towards the chart show!

Listener Cheek Loo left a message on 96.3 Hao FM’s Facebook saying: “96.3 Hao FM has “dug up” the forgotten songs that I used to love. For those who grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, this is a station to tune in to!” Many listeners have expressed through various channels that they follow the chart results every Friday, hoping that the songs they voted for can enter the Top 10 list.

This week’s theme is “Local Hits”, with music veteran Lee Wei Song as the guest announcer alongside 96.3 Hao FM DJ Wen Guo Xian. Singaporean singer Mavis Hee, best known for her ballads, achieved stellar results on the charts. Out of the four songs that were nominated for the Top 30 list, three emerged in the Top 10.

Mavis Hee Takes Three out of Ten Spots on 96.3 Hao FM Good Chart

Local singer Mavis Hee rose to fame in the 90s, and she sets a new record with three of her songs being voted into 96.3 Hao FM’s Good Chart Top 10, under the “Local Hits” category. The three songs are namely “Yang Guang Zong Zai Feng Yu Hou” (阳光总在风雨后) in eighth position, “Yi Han” (遗憾) which came in sixth, and “Cheng Li De Yue Guang” (城里的月光) which took the top spot.

The songs Hee sang resonate deeply within the hearts of listeners. The top song “Cheng Li De Yue Guang” (城里的月光) performed significantly better, setting a 20 per cent difference compared to the runner up song “Jia” (家) sung by Kit Chan. Conceivably, the low key and sentimental Hee is a powerhouse that moves the hearts of many.

While announcing the charts, Lee Wei Song mentioned that the song which left the deepest impression was “Yi Han” (遗憾). Lee explained that he likes “Yi Han” (遗憾) with more than just reminisce in mind. He believes that “Yi Han” (遗憾) remains a true classic which is sincere and heart-warming, all without trying too hard.

With ever growing competition within the music industry today, Lee added that it is extremely complex for singers to put out new music. Most choose to release singles as a way to “test the market”, making every new song more attention-grabbing than ever. Comparatively, Lee feels that “Yi Han” (遗憾), although seemingly calm, carries deep meaning which makes it extremely intriguing.

Top 10 Songs Mostly from Local Television Shows Widely Loved By Listeners

This week’s Top 10 chart saw many local television theme songs and interludes. Among them, the top song “Cheng Li De Yue Guang” (城里的月光) is the theme song for the 1996 television show “Dou Fu Jie” (豆腐街). “Wo De Sheng Ming Zai Zhe Li” (我的生命在这里) is the theme song for 80s television show “Wu Jiao Ji” (五脚基), Eric Moo’s “Yi Wang Guo Qu” (遗忘过去) is one of the soundtracks for “Ka Fei Wu” (咖啡) and Chen Hanwei’s “Guan Huai Fang Shi” (关怀方式) is the theme song for “Qi Yue Qiao Jia Ren” (七月俏佳人). Clearly, the local audience have been influenced by television and enjoy listening to the hits associated with them.

This comes as no surprise, with listeners selecting such popular tunes regularly on 96.3 Hao FM’s song request segment, which runs daily from 6am to 7am and 10pm to 11pm. These catchy tunes evoke a sense of familiarity and paints a profound image of well adored local television shows.

In 1984, Lee Wei Song, together with his brother Lee Si Song, started composing originals for television shows. When asked about the phenomena of television theme songs taking majority of the Top 10 Spots, Lee Wei Song did not find it a surprise. In fact, seeing the list brought back countless memories of songs that were created for local dramas at that time.

“Every song speaks its own story,” Lee said during an interview with 96.3 Hao FM. “Majority of listeners are in their forties or fifties, I’m sure these songs accompanied them through courtship and hardships, making them unforgettable,” Lee added.

Lee Wei Song Encourages Local Musicians

Never Give up on Your Dreams

Helming the third week of 96.3 Hao FM Good Chart, Lee Wei Song took the opportunity to encourage local musicians, spurring them to persevere as they pursue their dreams.

He hopes for the younger generation to walk out of safe zones and take a leap of faith to embrace new opportunities. Lee added that aspiring musicians should always be on the lookout for new music and strive for improvement unceasingly. Most importantly, budding musicians have to understand the value of time, and let the experience of life shape the creation process of new works.

Lee Wei Song on the Future of Local Music

“Let me predict,” Lee Wei Song replied comically when asked about the future of local music, mimicking the actions of fortune-telling. Lee added that the rising competition makes it difficult to tell. “Afterall, I believe music stems from fun, and originates from play. We shall see how far the new generation is willing to go, the barriers they are willing to break”.

Tune in to 96.3 Hao FM this Sunday at 12 noon to catch this week’s Good Chart show, co-hosted by music veteran Lee Wei Song. Additionally, listeners will be treated to videos related to the 96.3 Hao FM Good Chart, which will be posted on the station’s official Facebook page.

96.3 Hao FM Good Chart Roadshow at The Clementi Mall

On-site Polling Stations Available for Listeners to Vote

In efforts to show appreciation for the support given by listeners, the 96.3 Hao FM team will be at The Clementi Mall for a roadshow this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 12 noon to 8pm. Polling stations will be made available on-site, and listeners will stand a chance to win hotel stays and attractive food and beverage vouchers upon voting.

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听众Cheek Loo在96.3好FM面簿留言:“96.3好FM把我已经忘记、曾经爱过的歌都挖出来了。对我们这些生长在70、80和90年代的人来说,这是必听的电台!”

Agnes Wong 则说:“入榜的十首歌曲,都是我的最爱!” 不少听众也通过面簿和Whatsapp向96.3好FM团队反应,他们每个星期五都会追听榜单,希望自己投选的歌曲可以入围10强名单中!

这个星期的主题是“本地流行”,报榜嘉宾是本地才子李伟菘,连同96.3好FM DJ温国贤。擅长唱抒情歌曲的本地女歌手许美静在30强的4首歌曲中,有三首入榜,并且成功夺冠,表现非常亮眼。


走红于90年代的本地女歌手许美静,在今年的《好歌发烧榜》再刷新纪录,继上个星期刘文正连夺“台湾民谣”冠亚军的宝座,本周“本地流行”的10强榜单,许美静这次摘下3个席位,分别是“阳光总在风雨后” (排名第八)、“遗憾”(排名第六)和 “城里的月光”(排名第一)。




本地电视剧主题曲和插曲  深受听众喜爱

这个星期的榜单中,出现了好多首电视剧的主题曲和插曲。当中,榜首歌曲 “城里的月光” 是1996年《豆腐街》的主题曲,在KTV里更是必点K歌!《我的生活在这里》是80年代电视剧《五脚基》的主题曲,“遗忘过去”是电视剧《咖啡乌》的插曲、陈汉玮《关怀方式》也是《七月俏佳人》的主题曲,可见本地听众所喜爱的本地流行歌曲,很大程度受到了电视剧的影响。




李伟菘鼓励本地音乐人 不要放弃音乐梦想




李伟菘:年轻人要大胆尝试 玩出新风格



想回顾李伟菘和96.3好FM联合主持的第三期《好歌发烧榜》节目,可在星期天中午12点,通过96.3好FM空中,或下载SPH Radio App收听重温节目。听众也通过96.3好FM官方面簿收看《好歌发烧榜》的相关视频。

96.3好FM DJ亮相 The Clementi Mall  现场设投票站供听众投选

为答谢听众们一路的支持,96.3好FM的团队本周末(星期六和日)中午12点到晚上8点,将现身The Clementi Mall和听众见面。现场也会设置投票站让公众在现场为下星期的“热门八十”歌曲投选。所有参与投选的公众,还有机会赢取超过8千元的酒店住宿和餐饮礼券。下周的报榜嘉宾是本地音乐人黄宏墨。


96.3好FM《好歌发烧榜》 “本地流行” 10强名单

1) 城里的月光 / 许美静
2)家 / 陈洁仪
3)堆积情感 / 姜鄠
4)牵引 / 邓妙华
5)心痛 / 陈洁仪
6)遗憾 / 许美静
7)我的生活在这里 / 吴佳明
8)阳光总在风雨后 / 许美静
9)遗忘过去 / 巫启贤
10)关怀方式 / 陈汉玮