Decline of Identity and Listenership among Local Chinese Radio Stations

Lim Guohao


In today’s technological age and consumer-driven economy, Singapore’s Chinese radio stations are mainly concerned with listenership figures, which predominantly determine their survival and success.

In their race towards attaining greater listenership, these radio stations are gradually losing their identities. Greater uniformity in song features and discussion content are key factors that account for such a trend.

Individual identities of many Chinese radio stations across the region have been declining, especially within Singapore. A predominant factor behind this trend lies in the declining number of the target audience, specifically those below the age of 35. This is due to the growing popularity of alternative forms of entertainment, such as online radio channels, social media platforms (eg. Facebook, Twitter) and online broadcasting avenues (eg. YouTube, DailyMotion).

As a result, many local radio stations are now aiming to attract greater numbers of middle-aged (35-59 years old) listeners, in addition to their pre-existing group of core target listeners. As most of the middle-aged in Singapore have greater purchasing power, they could help boost the radio station’s appeal towards various advertisers.

However, such ‘strategy’ adopted by these radio stations might provoke a backlash as more high quality and niche radio programmes, targeted towards a smaller group of audience, is being demolished.

For instance, the once-popular jazz radio show UrbanNite on UFM100.3 was terminated due to the relatively lower commercial revenue that it generated, as compared to other programmes for the general audience.

Another example would be a local paid radio service, Rediffusion. Offering unique and alternative radio programmes, it had once reached its peak with an impressive number of 120,000 paid subscribers in the 1980s.

Traditional storytelling programmes, hosted by ex-local radio veterans Lee Dai Soh (or Li Da Sha) and Wang Dao, were extremely popular on Rediffusion. However, as time passed, listenership began to decline and this led to the closing down of the historic cable radio service in 2012. It was announced in December 2012 that a new form of Rediffusion would be launched, with an array of radio shows that would appeal more to general public preferences.

Instead of cultivating a radio listening culture among the younger generation, the radio industry is focusing on retaining its older listeners. Songs broadcasted are those from the 1980s to 2010, with many repetitions of singers such as Aaron Kwok, Daniel Chan and Julie Su (more commonly known as Su Rui). Additionally, the content of news discussed is centred on entertainment, family and relationship issues.

Such moves could be unfavourable for the local Chinese radio industry. Young listeners below the age of 35 might be disinterested in Chinese radio stations if programme contents do not appeal to them.

They might also have difficulty in identifying the radio stations. In the next 20 years, without the existing group of older listeners, local radio industry might face serious survival problems. A major re-adjustment of programme contents would have to be carried out so as to suit the preferences of the new batch of audience.

It is extremely important to cultivate a more appealing radio environment to the younger generation as well. It is also crucial for each radio station to constantly create new ideas and concepts and to develop a unique identity, instead of accommodating to the needs of advertisers or focusing on listenership figures. This provides a greater variety of choices and attracts listeners of different age groups.


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建议举办更多“户外开讲” 让听众参与播音


UFM100.3: 谁都可以做Story King!

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UFM100.3早班节目《不给一口叮》每天给观众提供最度假、最爆笑和最贴近生活的内容,陪伴听众轻松上班去!其中,《Story King》深得听众喜爱,直播室的电话几乎每天被“打爆”,数以万计的听众“争先恐后”要和全国的听众分享他们最独家、最感人,甚至是最气愤的生活故事。

UFM100.3早班DJ文鸿、丽梅和小猪总结了自《Story King》推出以来,最深刻的3个故事!

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UFM100.3DJ 公开“三行遗书”

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UFM100.3DJ 不能说的圣诞秘密

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UFM100.3 搞什么鬼?

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UFM100.3庆11,没有华丽的舞台,没有吵闹的音乐派对。今年,我们更贴近你的生活,走入邻里举办史无前例的庆生Block Party!配合万圣节,UFM100.3全体DJ变装“妖魔鬼怪”,以另类方式和听众互动、交流!超过500名淡滨尼的居民和UFM100.3听众出席了这场热闹派对!

096v1_radio_363.jpgScreen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.56.06 AM.png

UFM100.3全新美食企划 《好吃星期二》开动咯!

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除了享用美食,UFM DJ们也和听众玩游戏,送奖品!

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UFM100.3 X 梁静茹让你体验《爱久见人心》

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Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.56.06 AM.png

炎炎夏天 UFM100.3请你吃雪糕!

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UFM100.3EZRace 闯关好EZ!

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UFM100.3和EZLINK日前联办“EZ Race”,UFM全体DJ联通本地艺人鹤天赐、姚懿珊和方钟樺从Bottle Tree Park出发,全岛走透透,并在限时內接受一连串的考验和挑战。让我们位你总结当天的“五大之最”!


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Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.56.06 AM.png

UFM100.3 给你最U质的苏打绿!

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暌违2年,台湾当红流行乐团苏打绿日前再次抵新宣传,为即将在10月19日假新加坡博览中心The MAX Pavilion 举行的《当我们一起走过》演唱会(新加坡站)进行造势。说起演唱会,苏打绿的主唱青峰自信慢慢,他还说,签唱会唱的三首歌只是试听,如果不好听可以不用来!虽然团员“六缺一”,800名苏打粉还是挤爆现场!


Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.56.06 AM.png

UFM100.3安娜+灵芝 教你成为自信女王

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